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The evolution of cool.


The quintessential cool-rider of sneakers, the Chuck Taylor; aka the Norris, the Chuckies, the Cons, the Chuck T’s. From their humble beginnings in 1917 as a classic “All Star” rubber soled-shoe in Massachusetts, Converse has firmly marked their territory as a footwear power brand. Originally designed as a specialty basketball shoe they became the staple gym boot for professionals throughout the American league. The Chuck Taylor had serious mileage as a robust court shoe but evolved into something even greater. New converse styles, statement designs and some previously untapped creativity flung the Converse brand into the throws of street culture.

Chuck and his band of brothers became the sneaker of choice for the cool civilian.  No longer just an athletes shoe but a sneaker for the individual, the statement maker. Artists, musicians, punks, skaters, surfers – you name it, they embraced the revolution of street-style converse kicks. Decades later the brand continues to diversify and grow with cutting-edge designs and their cool “custom” range. They invite punters to unleash their inner creative style and design their own sneaker canvas, complete with coordinating eyelets and laces. Yes, you can totally pimp your own custom wheels.


Brand collaborations with fashion & music icons has also elevated the brand’s appeal and following but its’ still managed to retain its sub-street style and individuality. These endorsements and experiences have been carefully constructed to leverage the brand but certainly not alienate. Staying true to its loyal followers is always at the very heart of what Converse is all about.As a brand, Converse – we think you rock.

A brand that retains true authenticity and heritage, never forgetting its rubber soled beginnings. Yet dynamic and opportunistic to adapt and remain relevant for changing markets & that thing we call life. Converse personifies the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship, creativity and brand love. And then there’s the coolness factor.

Imagery and video sourced from Converse website & Facebook