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The Creative Co. is a brand design agency, founded in 2006. We are owned and operated by United Yeah - an independent creative agency building connected brands, campaigns and experiences, as their integrated brand team, while also working with our direct clients. From well-known to new and emerging companies, we are designing brands that create emotional, irreplaceable and lifelong bonds with customers, custodians and advocates. 

Unashamedly focused on the aesthetics, the collaboration allows us to be experts and not generalists creating new brands for opportunities discovered, and rebrand existing services and products when change is required using a disciplined process to create a tangible asset via a unified and holistic system.

We are committed to communicating brands that are smarter, more emotive and more purposeful than those they're up against. This mindset has led us to rethink relationships and move away from the traditional client service agency approach to provide savvy CEO's, CMO's, MD's, GM's and Brand/Marketing Managers a direct relationship with the people crafting the brands.

Together the two successful agencies have a highly complementary offer that fuels big ideas to make a brand matter and influence culture. Providing our clients a creative partnership at a brand foundation stage through to brand narrative and experiences with a continuation of creative talent, knowledge, history and trust.

Dan Godkin