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One for one.


Free Shoes. It’s that simple.
Giving shoes to those in need is the essence of legendary philanthropic brand, TOMS. Blake Mycoskie, aka the ‘Chief Shoe-giver’ is doing his part to support change with his genius “One for One” model. Confronted with poverty first hand after a trip to Argentina, Blake watched, as the children would play in the villages without adequate shoes to protect their feet. In a bid to do something about this, TOMS was born.

The business model works so effectively as it’s simple. The concept being; with every pair of TOMS shoes that is purchased, a new pair of shoes is given to a child in need; One for One. Since it’s launch in 2006, TOMS has grown exponentially & given more than 10 million pairs of shoes to children in developing communities. The brand has ignited a strong following for its vision but also its high quality design range. TOMS shoes are durable yet more importantly, totally on trend. It’s not hard to convince the A-listers to wear and market TOMS products, in fact, they’re doing it for free because they love what they see and believe in the brand mission.


TOMs has also cleverly added further layers to their unique brand of “giving”. They sell fashion eyewear that directly helps restore eyesight in developing countries, whether its through sight-saving surgery or prescription glasses, TOMS work to educate and support. Their most recent crusade partners with Water for People in a quest to provide clean water systems to countries in need. TOMS coffee beans (also sourced from these same local communities), are marketed and sold throughout the world. Each bag of beans sold provides clean water for one week to a person in need. Again, its all One for One.

Although it may sound like it, TOMS is not a charity. TOMS works alongside not-for-profit organisations, in order for the business to remain sustainable it has to make a profit. Their point of difference being; they are helping lots of people along the way; its admirable. TOMS fills that gap between not doing anything for charity and doing something that is completely charitable. With something for everyone, it’s an easy decision to trade in your go-to brands for one that is really making a difference. Keep it up TOMS.

Imagery Sourced from TOMS website & Facebook

Dan GodkinThe Creative Co.